An ambient intelligent environment for healthcare


An App for Doctors

Designed by doctors and nurses, the Doctor app will increase your productivity whether you are a sole practitioner, nurse, or hospital surgeon.

With the Doctor app, you can receive and respond to patient assignments on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or via Siri on your Apple smart speaker. You can accept an assignment from your charge nurse and provide an estimated time of arrival or reject the assignment if you are unable to attend.

You no longer have to call the charge nurse for an updated schedule. The Charge Nurse app allows an administrator to group doctors, nurses, and other medical staff into teams allowing you to receive a real-time schedule update and know who is on your team.

All of the Patient is in apps are tightly integrated with telehealth and telemedicine services. Using the Patient app, patients are able to securely send to you their latest Apple Health data for you to review prior to your audio or video call ensuring the best use of your time. You can also set a threshold alarm notifying you if for example, your patient has a significant change in their blood oxygen levels while asleep which may be an indication of the onset of a COVID-19 infection.

Using the Patient is in apps, you finally have the ability to significantly reduce patient wait times and provide care continuity, care coordination, and remote patient monitoring (RPM).


An App for Charge Nurses

The Charge Nurse app provides a global view of doctor availability and location, teams, rooms, and patient assignments. You can now reduce patient wait times, coordinate teams, and remain in real-time contact with doctors, nurses, patients, caregivers, and other charge nurses.

You can send assignments to your doctors, nurses, and staff instructing them to attend to a patient in a specific room and provide any relevant notes about the assignment. Patient assignments may be sent to a doctor's Apple Watch, iPhone, or announced on one or more Apple smart speakers located perhaps in a doctor's office or staff lounge.

You can organize doctors and patients into teams for remote patient monitoring and to coordinate surgery teams. Staff using the Doctor app will immediately receive a notification informing them of team assignments forgoing their need to call-in to check their schedule.

When your staff uses the Doctor app, you will be able to view staff availability and visualize the status of each staff assignment. You will also be able to visualize the status of rooms so that they may be cleaned for the next patient.

All of the Patient is in apps are tightly integrated with telehealth and telemedicine services allowing you to be updated in real-time by your medical staff, patients, and caregivers. This includes both audio and video calls as well as remote health data from patients.


An App for Patients

The Patient app and Caregiver app empower patients and caregivers to monitor the symptoms of chronic illness including cardiac and respiratory disease.

The Patient app also attempts to provide an early warning system for acute diseases such as COVID-19. Preliminary medical research conducted in late 2020 and early 2021 has indicated that various internal cardiac and respiratory symptoms can be detected several days prior to the onset of external COVID-19 symptoms.

Early notification of a possible COVID-19 infection would allow you to quarantine prior to a positive COVID-19 test result and avoid possible asymptomatic or presymptomatic disease spread.

With the Patient app you may also securely share in real-time your current or historical Apple Health data with your doctors and caregivers. This includes sending in real-time your blood-oxygen level during sleep, your pulse and respiratory rates, ECG, and other important health metrics.

Next-generation telehealth services are integrated into the Patient app. With your permission, your care team can securely review in real-time your Apple Health data to ensure that the appropriate medical specialist is available during your audio or video call.

Patients can now receive convenient and cost effective care continuity and care coordination irrespective of their location or timezone.


Pre-launch Endorsements

Former Chief, Division of General Surgery (2004-2010) at one of Washington DC’s largest hospitals performing over 10,000 surgeries


The Patient is in will be great for surgery. One of the challenges that surgery teams face is assembling the team members and tracking each member’s availability over the duration of the surgery.”

“I really like how assignments are delivered directly to my Apple Watch in real-time and I can inform the charge nurse of my estimated time of arrival directly from the watch app.”

Hospital Surgeon

“My office is in the adjacent building and it can take a while to walk over to the main building. With The Patient is in, the charge nurse can see my location and plan my assignments accordingly.”


“Two-way secure messaging directly from my Apple Watch… I’m sold!”

Oral and Facial Surgeon in Washington DC, sole practitioner

“I really like the fact that I can get patient updates when I am out of the office. Many times a patient will be scheduled for surgery at 10 AM but their vitals signs are too high to administer anesthesia until 12:45 PM so I will have to skip lunch because I might miss the message on my phone since it will be in my purse. With The Patient is in, I can go to lunch and still get patient updates and respond directly from the watch app.”

“Once I close the door and start treating a patient, I cannot be disturbed unless it is an emergency. The watch app allows me to remain in contact with my office manager.”  

“As a sole practitioner, I regularly treat many patients at the same time. I am glad that the app has an ‘urgent assignment’ feature just in case the charge nurse needs my immediate attention.”

Podiatrist in Washington DC, specializes in treating seniors

“I feel that The Patient is in will be helpful in a busy practice. You can keep your exam gloves on and still use the watch app. It’s easy to quickly respond by tapping the big buttons in the watch app.”

“When you treat a senior who may have Alzheimers, they can become agitated if the doctor has to stop and check messages. With the watch app, you feel a discrete vibration on your wrist. You can glance at the watch and see the nurse’s message without disturbing the patient.”

Dentist in Washington DC, small practice

“I’ve tried all of the traditional solutions, from two-way radios to computer messaging applications, but the only convenient solution is The Patient is in app for Apple Watch.”

“I like that my staff always knows in which room I am attending to a patient.”